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Preventative Electrical Maintenance

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Can you really afford a sudden costly interruption to your business?

Programmed Electrical Maintenance Plans

Major supermarkets, food chains, and large franchises have been doing programmed maintenance for years and years, in order to keep operations running at high capacity and to avoid costly interruptions to their business.

However programmed maintenance is not just for big business, it should be part of your regular business maintenance. Electrical maintenance is critical in order to prevent machine breakdowns, power outages, to reduce energy consumption and electrical safety incidents, to increase equipment longevity and have the confidence that your workplace complies with the current Australian Standards.

Be confident that your electrical maintenance is on track. Download the electrical maintenance checklist here.

Why do I need one?

Electricity forms a crucial part of any business or organisation. Due to the nature of electricity and equipment, without preventative maintenance, failures are inevitable. Just like the running of your car, if you don’t service your car on a regular basis you can expect costly breakdowns - it’s just a matter of when. Breakdowns or power failures can cause significant impacts to business operations, but also safety risks to staff and customers.

A well planned and executed maintenance program will significantly reduce the likelihood of major faults occurring, and can increase the longevity of your electrical equipment.

What’s involved in a programmed maintenance plan?

Every business is different and has different goals, so a programmed maintenance plan will reflect the requirements of each business. Think safety switch testing, test and tagging, exit and emergency light testing.

A maintenance plan will be an agreement between you and your electrician. It will be an agreement on the frequency that an electrician will come to site and conduct a set of tests and tasks on your lighting, equipment, machinery and switchboards, basically anything that uses electricity.

See a list of recommended tasks that should be completed by your electrician.

Download the electrical maintenance checklist here.

The frequency and type of testing will depend on your premises and business operation. For a small medical centre this might be twice a year, whereas a larger manufacturing operation this might be four days a month.

After the testing and tasks have been completed, you will receive a comprehensive report on what tasks were completed, what equipment was tested, and the result for each item tested. You will also receive a list of any works that might need to be completed and prioritised by how urgent these tasks are.

You can rest assure that your workplace equipment, lighting and safety is under control.

Programed maintenance plans can:

  • ensure your lighting is on and everything is in working order

  • ensure your emergency exit lighting and security lighting is working

  • ensure your workplace is up to date and current with OH&S compliance

  • reduce downtime due to faults

  • comply with Australian standards

  • identify faulty equipment before it becomes a bigger issue

  • identify potential switchboard and electrical hazards

  • help forecast budgets for production and machinery in advance

  • increase longevity of equipment

An example of how programmed maintenance can really pay off:

An old switchboard over the years hasn't been touched, dust has slowly built up inside, vibration within the workplace has loosened electrical connections. There is a narrow opening in the switchboard where a mouse can gain access. This is the perfect recipe for a large switchboard fire.

All of a sudden a mouse has entered the switchboard, it has been electrocuted by the loose electrical connections and ignited a fire within your switchboard.

A simple annual check up to clean out dust, tighten loose connections and ensure there are no holes will significantly reduce the likelihood of a switchboard fire.

Factors to consider when choosing an electrician for preventative maintenance

- choose a contractor who shares the same values as you.

- look for an electrician in which you could build a long term relationship with.

- having this relationship with your electrician will benefit you when an unplanned job arises, as your electrician is already familiar with your procedures and premises.

- ideally your contractor should be multi - skilled in fixing the problems not just providing the maintenance plans.

- do they offer flexible working hours to minimise disruption to your business.

- someone who is competent in all areas of electrical is great, that way if you have a unique electrical problem that arises, you can rest assure you have a go-to sparky.

- are they neat, tidy, friendly and polite? Will they reflect your business in front of staff and customers?

An electrical maintenance plan doesn't have to be complicated, it can be quite simple. Once implemented you can rest assured knowing your premises, staff and customers are safe and everything is in smooth working order.

Be confident that your electrical maintenance is on track. Download the electrical maintenance checklist here.

I hope this has shed some light on the subject of preventative electrical maintenance, and got you thinking about the reasons why it is an important aspect for your business.

If you would like further information on preventative maintenance, feel free to download our preventative maintenance checklist here or get in touch via our contact page.


Kiah Frederiks

Connect2 Electrical.

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